Giggling Squid – the original outlet of a 18 strong thai dining chain

“This was Giggling Squid’s first restaurant, open in 2002 and is now part of a flourishing chain with 18 locations and growing. Not that you’d know it. Attention to detail and care is still evident, particularly in the immaculate menus, beautifully designed and written, with most dishes containing a personal narrative from the owner. It’s lovely, food should tell a story and always tastes better with one too.” The Graphic Foodie’s review

“Their Tapas lunch menu is what makes them unique, do you ever go to a restaurant and fancy a bit of everything? With their Thai tapas you can select from six different sets, each set includes four different succulent dishes. Don’t be alarmed, it is not four separate dishes on four plates, It is beautifully served on one square white plate split into four easy to manage sections – perfect for a light but satisfying lunch.” Restaurants Brighton’s review

The fisherman’s house that the first Giggling Squid restaurant opened in.

“Originally a fisherman’s cottage, we’ve kept as many of the quirky bits as we can to remind ourselves of what it was like at the very beginning. If you haven’t been, there are lots of little rooms scattered across three floors – not what you’d expect from a Thai restaurant!” Giggling Squid

11 Market Square, Brighton, BN1 1HH & 129 Church Road, BN3 2AE
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